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New Year Honours!!     The year of 2018 well and truly began with fireworks as...
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The Ultimate Christmas Ball 2017 Success at the Ultimate Christmas Ball 2017!!!   3ness, in conjunction ...
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Golden Girl Claire! We are extremely proud to announce that Claire Burton is now, wait for it, WOR...
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Fit Tips - Fibre Gains!! Get some Fibre Gains   We all know fibre is good for us, and I don’t ...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit to attend?

No - You have to be prepared to join a new culture, where everyone is in a positive frame of mind to achieve whatever they wish to achieve whilst at the event. People leave their troubles behind and attend 3ness for many different reasons, such as:

  • To kick start their new fitness regimes
  • To train as hard as they wish
  • To learn new choreography
  • To experience new types of workouts
  • To get away from it all!
  • To relax and be pampered
  • To Party
  • To get away with friends and meet new friends
Who will be training me?

3ness has a collection of fitness presenters and instructors that are not only great freestylers, but also very inspirational. Some are personal trainers to the celebrity world and some are true local fitness heroes in their chosen fields. They are all accessible to talk to for any advice on training or nutrition, whilst at the weekend events.

What is a typical weekend event like?

Although we make every 3ness event unique with new classes, programmes and themed evening's you may like to view read our 'About' page for a flavour of the experiences we create for you.

I think I am overweight - will I look out of place?

Absolutely not! You will find a wide range of sizes, shapes and fitness levels at 3ness weekends. You will not be judged when you attend, you will be welcomed.

Can I bring my children?

Children are not allowed at the events, only 18 and overs. We truly wish this to be a break designed for YOU the adult.

Am I too old?

Oh no no no!! We cater from 18 year olds upwards. The average age is between 35 and 45. No matter what age you are you will fit in like it was your own home.

Can I drive to the events?

All 3ness fitness weekend venues have ample car parking space, so driving is not a worry. Coach travel is arranged for some events, but only if there is a demand.

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