Fit Tips - Easter Advice!!

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Did you know the average Easter egg contains around 500 calories? Add in the naughty little treats that go with it and you’re looking at almost half your daily calorie intake in one sitting. With Summer just around the corner, you’ll want to banish those extra calories fast! So we have a challenge for you next week – how many Easter eggs can you burn off in four days?


Speedy ways to shift those calories in the fitness centre include running on the treadmill adding in sprint intervals and high intensity classes such as Insanity, studio cycling is also great for torching calories fast!  


For those of you that can’t get to the gym over Easter – get active with the kids, go for a bike ride or grab a good ol’ fashioned skipping rope and take to the park Tabata style – 20 seconds of skipping, rest for 10 seconds and repeat eight times. Try doing four sets of tabata alternating exercises such as burpees, star jumps, push ups, high knees and mountain climbers. Four sets will be a great twenty minute workout and all you need is a skipping rope and timer.
Have a happy, healthy week.
Anna Carnegie