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Fit Tips - Mood Boosting Foods!!

Fit Tips - Mood Boosting Foods!!

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Start your morning with a bowl of porridge or some overnight oats.

Oats are more of a mood stabiliser than a booster. With a low GI level they are a great source of slow release energy, this will stop you getting blood sugar spikes and in turn keep you from getting tired and moody.


Bananas do it all. An easy snack to carry on the go, they contain the amino acid tryptophan and also vitamins A, B6 and C, fibre, potassium, phosphorous, iron and carbohydrate! The carbs aid the absorption of this amino acid, the amino acid then helps produce serotonin. For  a double whammy of goodness, try topping your oats with  banana.



Chicken has some of the same magic as bananas - it also contains tryptophan and boosts the production of serotonin. Alongside this it encourages the production of melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. We all need a healthy night's sleep.

Get some nuts
Brazil nuts are full of the mineral selenium. People have been getting less and less of it in their diet over the years but just three of these nuts a day brings you up to your RDA. 

Low levels have been linked to depression, anxiety, irritability and tiredness. We feel like the Snickers advertising campaign makes even more sense now.  


Make like Pop-Eye

Spinach is full of key B vitamins that are known to balance your mood and boost serotonin levels. Lower levels of these important nutrients have been linked to depression. 


By Annabel Zierold:


Food is our body’s source of fuel, providing energy in calories and essential nutrients for us to function efficiently. Protein is one of the primary macronutrients that our body requires in large amounts, providing 4kcal/gram. It is needed for the growth, repair and maintenance of all body cells not just muscle cells. Protein plays a role in supporting muscle mass which in turn supports metabolism. It keeps you fuller for longer and also supports your immune system.


The daily recommendation is 45g for men and 55g for women. Around 1/6 of our diet should be made up of protein. Meat, fish, beans, eggs and nuts are all excellent sources. At Sky, we aim to incorporate these great sources into the food offering. Like our protein pots! We sell a range of 4oz and 8oz pots which can be added to a salad, had with a soup or for an afternoon snack. A balanced diet should include lots of variety which is why all of these pots contain different sources of protein, from eggs and salmon, to edamame beans and hummus.


Live Well can assist you this week if you’re looking for a post-work out snack or something to keep you feeling full, look out for these foods
Have a happy, healthy week
Anna Carnegie

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